It started as a solo journey...
...and became a movement!

Today is your day to work on YOU
so you can FINALLY live the dope ass life you deserve.


Discover Mindfulness
and its amazing benefits

My guided meditations will help you relax and
manage unwanted energy in your everyday life.


What's Your First Goal?

Selfish Dee can help you to:

Selfish Dee_heal icon_yellow
Heal from mental illness and past hurt. Through eBooks, worksheets and more, learn to OWN your actions to your reality and develop compassion for your emotional reactions without feeling shame or blame.
Selfish Dee_grow icon_teal
Grow your authentic self by dissecting  YOU using our various resources. Question your (limited) identity of yourself and work to authenticate and discover who you are.
Selfish Dee_love icon_pink
Embrace  You! Explore intimacy and a deep connection with your Self through practices of meditation/mindfulness, affirmations and retreats to experience radical self-love.
Selfish Dee_elevate icon_purple
Live in your truth! Be happy. Be healthy. Be fun. Be FREE to be & love YOU! Rise above society’s expectation of you and live life unapologetically and with no regrets.
Yellow Cartoonized photo of DeNishia Yearby also known as Selfish Dee drinking a coconut drink in Toronto during Caribana

Hey Beautiful!

It’s time to stop hiding behind negative self talk, depression/anxiety, subliminal social media posts and worthless memes and start doing the work to live the badass life you’ve always wanted.  IT’S POSSIBLE to live a happy and healthy life… I’m your proof. My life has been filled with fucked up traumatic experiences sprinkled with a few AMAZING moments. But last year, I decided to own my unwanted life and do the work to  heal + grow + love and EVOLVE. Now, I’m livin’ my BEST  life with limited fuckups *face palm*. While on my self-journey I created tools and techniques to help me be more selfish with my life as in put my wellbeing first so that I can be a better help to others. Now, I walk my talk and continue to do the work. It is my honor and duty, from one Deeva to another, to share my journey and resources with you so we can all evolve together.

Know that we are in this thang togethaaaaa, so grab a cup, throw it back and sip on this knowledge so we can get ya life on track! It’s time to get self-love wasted.



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