Affirmation & Reflection: Confidence Is A Way Of Life

Affirmation & Reflection: Confidence Is A Way Of Life 21 Apr 2020Leave a comment

Confidence is a way of life.

Some people seem born with natural confidence. Building my confidence requires hard work and perseverance, but others believe it comes naturally. Each day, I practice being confident.

For my confidence to grow, I must maintain it as a way of life.

Confidence requires other character traits as well. A positive attitude is essential to being confident. I focus on my positive thoughts and refrain from allowing unhappy thoughts to linger.

When I am feeling optimistic, my confidence is easy to find.

Failure injures confidence. However, every misstep is an exercise in learning. By learning from my mistakes, I improve my chances of success. Knowing this gives me the confidence to continue making progress. Each day, I advance.

Confidence also requires courage.

I exercise courage when I volunteer to undertake new tasks. By exhibiting a confident demeanor, others perceive me as possessing the ability to succeed at the task, even when it is completely new to me. Stepping up takes courage, and my confidence tells others I am ready for the challenge.

It all begins with me. I must believe in myself before others will believe in me. My confidence is an indicator of that belief.

TODAY, I intend to cast off doubt and uncertainty. They hinder my optimism and restrain my confidence. I accept life’s challenges, and move through every obstacle with an air of confidence that inspires those around me.


  1. How do I maintain my optimism after experiencing failure?
  2. What other character traits assist the growth of confidence?
  3. How does confidence differ from arrogance?

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