Affirmation & Reflection: I Am Blessed

Affirmation & Reflection: I Am Blessed 21 Feb 2020Leave a comment

I am blessed.

I know that I am blessed. I remind myself to be content with what I have. I cultivate a sense of gratitude and thank others for their kindness.

I share my riches with others. I pitch in when a coworker is swamped and take time to listen when a friend is going through a difficult time. I volunteer in my community and extend my hospitality to newcomers and old friends.

I keep my attention focused on the good things in my life. I avoid fretting about past disappointments or comparing myself to others. I realize that I have all that I need to be happy in this present moment.

Acknowledge my potential and accomplishments. Thinking about my victories builds my confidence and inspires me to aim higher.

I treasure my health and wellbeing. With a strong body and sound mind, I can take on challenges and for fill my dreams.

I value my family and friends. I let them know that they are a vital part of my life.

I appreciate my education and the opportunity to do meaningful work. My knowledge, wisdom and skills help me to contribute to society and provide for my family.

I enjoy the beauty that surrounds me. I take a walk around my neighborhood to marvel at nature and renew my energy. I listen to music that eases my tension and cheers me up.

 TODAY, I count my blessings. I treat each day as a precious gift.


  1. How can I spot blessings that initially look like hardships?
  2. What is one blessing that I tend to take for granite question
  3. How does counting my blessings attract more happiness and good fortune?

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