Affirmation & Reflection: I Celebrate My Body

Affirmation & Reflection: I Celebrate My Body 11 Feb 2020Leave a comment

I celebrate my body.

I am beautiful inside and out. I celebrate my body and work at keeping it strong and healthy.

I appreciate the things my body can do. My body keeps me alive and allows me to enjoy my daily activities. I thank my body for the opportunity to raise my family, do meaningful work and put my faith into action.

I treat my body with love and respect.

I eat nutritious foods and stay hydrated. I fill my plate with vegetables and fruits. I prepare delicious meals and snacks at home so I can control what I put into my body. I drink water instead of sugary soft drinks or excessive alcohol.

I workout and manage my weight. I participate in my favorite sports and exercises. I follow a sensible diet I can stick with for life. I pursue realistic goals based on my body type in health needs.

I get adequate sleep and rest. I go to bed and wake up on a consistent schedule that helps me to feel refreshed and restored each morning.

I take care of my appearance. I focus on my positive qualities.

I build a network of support. I speak when I witness fat shaming or other inappropriate behavior. Helping others to like their body teaches me to appreciate my own.

TODAY, I feel happy and comfortable in my own skin. I avoid comparing myself to others and love my body just the way it is.


  1. How does my media consumption affect the way I think about my body?
  2. What is one thing I like about my body?
  3. What does a positive body image mean to me?

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