Affirmation & Reflection: I View Any Hardship As A Stepping Stone To Achievement

Affirmation & Reflection: I View Any Hardship As A Stepping Stone To Achievement 4 Feb 2020Leave a comment

I view any hardship as a stepping stone to achievement.

Achievement is sweeter to me when I overcome challenges along the way. When I reap meaningful rewards despite obstacles, I feel much more pride about my accomplishment.

I view every circumstance as an opportunity to learn something. When I encounter an unintended challenge, I stop and ask myself what I can learn from it. At these times, I realize undiscovered strengths that existed within me all along.

When I become aware that what I have already experienced is the worst that could happen, I get up, dust myself off and keep going. After all, the worst is over! I know my circumstances can only get better after a stumble. Wounds heal and new victories replace memories of mistakes.

If my path is unclear, I admit to feeling overwhelmed. Then, I take a moment to breathe and look at the issue for what it’s really worth. Often, as I break a concern into component parts, I find that it is really not such a big deal after all.

Winning small battles means that I am getting closer to the ultimate victory. I acknowledge that achieving greatness is no easy task. In the same breath, I recognize that I have what it takes to keep climbing to the top, even after several slips

TODAY, I believe that I can truly achieve in a meaningful way if I face trials on the road to success. Because of my challenges, I have true appreciation for what I achieve. I know that success rarely comes easy and I approach that reality head on with gratitude for every experience.


  1. Have I had any situations lately that felt like they knocked the wind out of me, then turned out not to be so bad?
  2. Do I make myself an example of success through my challenges?
  3. How do my loved ones and I provide each other with support in trying Times?

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