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THANK YOU for your interest to work with Selfish Dee. We want to curate the perfect Win/Win experience that highlights your brand while giving our Selfish Deevas what they want and need. Collaborations are endless with Selfish Dee, and we are open to new opportunities that align with our brand. Please complete the form below and let’s move forward.

About: Selfish Dee is a self-help platform for women of color to seek practical self-love and self-care education and solutions to incorporate into their everyday reality. Our process is to heal women from past hurt and help women grow and evolve into a better version of themselves which allows them the freedom to love themselves unconditionally and selfishly. We focus on our unique Self-Care Formcipe and the 8-Pillars of Self-Care (view here) to journey us through the process. Our approach is fun, practical, innovative, global, holistic, hood, unique, authentic, sophistiratchet and Hip-Hop. This is Selfish Dee.

Partnership Opportunities

Sponsor An Event

Sponsor a curated Selfish Dee event, workshop or retreat. We are open to cash sponsorship, or an in-kind partner for a useful service, product or venue.

Advertise With Us

Advertise your brand on our social media, website or email communication with a customized plan created with your brand in mind.

Product Placement

We love promoting Self-Care + Self-Love products and services that will benefit our Deevas. If you feel your product/service is a great fit for our supporters then please send it to us for review and/or inclusion in our giveaways.

Host A Unique Event

If you are an expert in your field and can bring a unique style that fits with our platform then we would love to have you host an upcoming event.

Become A Preferred Vendor

Become a preferred vendor with Selfish Dee where you will have direct access to women attendees at our events and via our online listing.

Hire Dee At Your Event

My favorite  thing to do is speak to  women about self-love, self-care, self-expression, and making a living from being your authentic self. I equally enjoy hosting one of our signature events in your town or bring a custom event tailored to your audience and event goals.

For booking inquiries, please complete the Booking form.

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