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  • Selfish Dee is a self-help platform for women of color to seek practical self-love and self-care education and solutions to incorporate into their everyday reality. Our process is to heal women from past hurt and help women grow and evolve into a better version of themselves which allows them the freedom to love themselves unconditionally and selfishly. We focus on our unique Self-Care Formcipe and the 8-Pillars of Self-Care (view here) to journey us through the process. Our approach is fun, practical, innovative, global, holistic, hood, unique, authentic, sophistiratchet and Hip-Hop. This is Selfish Dee.
  • Selfish Dee uses four post types:
    • Stories – Peer-to-Peer shared life experiences for women by women that uplifts, educate and/or inform readers through a life story.
    • Articles – Standard blog posts about varying Self-love/care topics.
    • Lists – Short-form niche blog posts broken down into steps or numbers Ex: Top 5 Reasons To Date Yourself; How To Overcome Depression In 10 Easy Steps. Most popular among readers.
    • Research – Educational blog posts created by or based on experts, psychologists, psychiatrists, licensed professionals, life coaches and/or a person with a credentialed platform and is trusted to give scientific and a professional opinion/facts on a subject pertaining to Self-love/care.
    • Motivational Videos (Vloggers only) – Short, motivational messages that inspire and uplift listeners using creative and innovative ways to present message. This can take place in the form of a motivational story based on a personal encounter or trending subject, pep talk, Deeva inspirational chat,  origional affirmations, list Ex. 5 Things I Encourage You Do Every Morning Before Work, etc.

How This Information Relates To Your Guest Submission:

    • Guest submissions must be in line with our platform and post types.
    • Guest submissions must fall into one of the above post types. Again, lists are most popular because they are easier to read and to the point.
    • Guest submissions must be relatable, relevant, engaging and MEANINGFUL to women ages 25-40. Trending topics are always a good choice for identifying relevant and engaging topics.
    • Guest submissions must be conversational. Personalize not generalize. Saying “You” is more impactful than saying “Women”.
    • Guest submissions must be new, fresh and original content that has not been published on any blog or media platform. Your work (including images submitted) must not infringe on someone else’s intellectual property or break any copyright laws.
    • Guest submissions must be 500 words or less. Longer does not mean more effective. In a time where shorter messages are the norm (thanks to social media), people do not want to read anything that requires too much of their time. Anything longer than 500 words will not be accepted. Exceptions will only be made for Research type posts, but even still we recommend 500 words or less.
      • Vloggers content should be 60 seconds and no longer than 90 seconds. 3 minutes for a creative, engaging piece.
    • Delivery
      • Images & Videos + Color Theme: Please take note of our site’s color theme, image size, picture quality, etc. to better choose images that are in line with our vibe. Please submit high quality images/videos only.
        • Image size: 1680x1080px. Gifs are okay to use.
      • Language: We want you to write how you speak, so cursing IS allowed; It is not required or frowned upon if used, however, we ask that you don’t overuse or abuse the use of cursing because it can come off as cheesy and not authentic.

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