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You have an idea that can make Selfish Dee a better platform for women? Innovative or Simple… Selfish Dee wants to hear it. Let me know your idea below. Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness in improving the Selfish Dee brand.


Selfish Dee is a self-help platform for women of color to seek practical self-love and self-care education and solutions to incorporate into their everyday reality. Our process is to heal women from past hurt and help women grow and evolve into a better version of themselves which allows them the freedom to love themselves unconditionally and selfishly. We focus on our unique Self-Care Formcipe and the 8-Pillars of Self-Care (view here) to journey us through the process. Our approach is fun, practical, innovative, global, holistic, hood, unique, authentic, sophistiratchet and Hip-Hop. This is Selfish Dee.

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