What The F*ck Is Numerology? (Start Here)

What The F*ck Is Numerology? (Start Here) 27 Jan 2020Leave a comment

Numerology is defined in various ways, and the miscommunication about it makes it not everyone’s cup of tea; Depending on who you ask, you may get varying definitions about numerology because it really depends on the culture or tradition of the person that defines it. HOWEVER, there is one thing that you should know about numerology—if you want to examine your life or you simply want to figure out the next event in your life, numerology is a dope tool you can use. 

Numerology creates a full picture that reveals all your personality’s diverse parts and on how they can be combined together to form your personality today. With the help of numerology, you will be able to bring out your hidden strengths. 

In numerology, every letter in the alphabet has an equivalent number. In Hebrew, it is called Gematria. According to some books about numerology, associating numbers to letters is an old method and many historians believe that this method is a great way to know the things behind one’s name or personality. 

So you want to know… how accurate is numerology? Why do some people believe in it? Is it beneficial or tells the truth about you? Numerology is quite complicated for some. It is natural for you to have questions in your mind, but once you understood more about it – how it works and how numbers are calculated – you will gain a newfound respect for numerology and even manifest some awesomeness in your life. 

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