The Foundation

SELFISH DEE is a self-help platform for women of color to seek practical self-love and self-care education and solutions to incorporate into their everyday reality. Our process is to heal women from past hurt and help women grow and evolve into a better version of themselves which allows them the freedom to love themselves unconditionally and selfishly. We focus on our unique Self-Care Formcipe and the 8-Pillars of Self-Care to journey us through the process. Our approach is fun, practical, innovative, global, holistic, hood, unique, authentic, sophistiratchet and Hip-Hop. This is Selfish Dee.

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The mission of Selfish Dee is to provide an engaging and effective self-help platform for women of color to understand, guide and ultimately overcome their main objectives (physical or psychological in nature) to effectively conquer their “Self” goals.

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The vision of Selfish. Dee is:

  • To be an alternative solution for self-love and self-care when professional help and resources are unattainable or not enough.
  • To help women of color heal – grow – love – evolve themselves to a better space by providing the necessary tools to do so.
  • To unite women of color through activities that will educate, inspire and position them to level up
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A Selfish Deeva is beautiful and resilient.

She can put mascara on lashes and affirmations in her heart to uplift her Self.

She can create a perfect eye and a future for her Self that knows no limits.

She can fight blemishes with one hand and her inner Self battles with the other.

She knows the value of a perfect lip but still parts them to speak LIFE into her Self.

She can highlight her browbone and the positives in every negative situation.

She can contour her face and dark experiences that try to dim her glow.

She not only brings beauty to every door she enters, she opens them for other women who seek to be their authentic Self.

She is a Selfish Deeva!

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The Foundation

Everything Selfish Dee offers falls into two categories: Self-Love Formcipe and the 8-Pillars of Self-Care.

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Self-Love Formcipe:

Formcipe is our mantra comprised of a formula and a recipe (formcipe) infused together and sprinkled with a pinch of Selfish flava to create the perfect Self-Love prescription. Our mantra consists of seven principles (S.E.L.F.I.S.H.) and four core principles (S.E.L.F.). When the principles are applied in the right dose, the outcome is a happier and healthier you.

  • I am Spiritual: I connect to a higher power to reach a higher connection with my Self.
  • I Empower: I fill my mind daily with positive words and actions to replace habitual hate talk to my Self.
  • I am Love: I focus on loving myself so that I can love others
  • I am Fitness: I protect my temple (body) and aim for better health so that I can fulfill my life’s purpose.
  • I strive to Improve my Self by any means necessary
  • I soul Search all faucets of my mental and remove habits that prevent me from being my authentic self.
  • I work to Heal from my past traumas so that my tragedies can become my triumphs.

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Orange graphic with the word "8-Pillars" written that discusses the top 8 Self-care focus for Selfish Dee used in self-help resources and articles

8-Pillars of Self-Care

The 8-Pillars framework has proven to be practical and useful. Each pillar describes a set of activities or actions you should undertake. Collectively, the 8-pillars describes the entirety of Self-care. The framework has been widely adopted around the world.

  • Physical Self-Care
    • Physical movement
    • Exercise
    • Healthy food
    • Sleep
    • Physical touch/Sex
  • Emotional Self-Care
    • Stress management
    • Forgiveness of Self and others
    • Compassion for Self and others
    • Kindness to Self and others
    • Navigating negative emotions
  • Spiritual Self-Care
    • Time alone
    • Meditation
    • Journaling
    • Nature
    • Connection
    • Sacred place
    • Yoga
  • Personal Self-Care
    • Hobbies
    • Knowing yourself
    • Personality identity
    • Honoring your authentic Self
  • Financial Self-Care
    • Saving
    • Budgeting
    • Money management
    • Splurging
    • Paying Bills
  • Social Self-Care
    • Boundaries
    • Support Systems
    • Positive social media
    • Communication
    • Ask for help
  • Professional Self-Care
    • Time management
    • Work boundaries
    • Positive workplace
    • More learning
    • Break time and personal time off (PTO)
  • Environmental Self-Care
    • Space
    • Healthy living
    • Security and stability
    • Organized space

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