You want to be great, but your surroundings just won’t let you. You get the strength to remove yourself from a toxic ass relationship only to end up in another. You let go of triflin’ friends who are praying on your downfall, but you’re still stuck with bitter ass family members who are worse than those so-called friends. You take steps to upgrade your life and then say, ‘fuck it,’ because it’s too hard to maintain the change with no support system rooting for your glow up. You are the strong person everyone goes to in their time of need, but you’re alone when dealing with your ish. In all that pain, you build a wall of hate, anger and resentment. Girrrrrrrl……

It’s Time To Heal + Grow + Love + EVOLVE Yourself!

Hey BeauDeeful!

I’m Dee! I’ve been right where you are right now. I want to help you get through the hurt of any kind and to your glow by using cool ways to heal so that you can grow and be a better you. I’m not a doctor, BUT I promise you Selfish Dee is the dopest prescription to get you to where you want to be with yourself.

After hitting rock bottom (talking real bottom, like Dory lost on the ocean floor bottom. You can read my full story here), I created Selfish Dee to help me process how to build myself back up and stay the fuck up!!! Then something amazing was happening in the process! I saw this major shift amongst women of color who were resonating with the message of Self-love and making a deeper spiritual and Self connection. And like me, these women couldn’t find a platform that was fulfilling and relatable to their journey. And so what began as my lone black girl’s journey to heal, grow and love myself more quickly became about US – you and me!

Selfish Dee is what I consider a safe space for “Deeva to Deeva” intervention. I provide information and resources to help us:

  • Stop Self-hate
  • Heal from childhood traumas
  • Turn tragedies into triumphs
  • Empower Self
  • Create positive thoughts
  • Be Happy
  • Have Confidence
  • Live healthier
  • Break bad generational habits
  • Set achievable goals
  • Let go of baggage and people
  • Redirect anger and hurt
  • Forgive
  • Explore life beyond our daily surroundings
  • Soul search abroad

I’m not an expert by far, but my journey and how I reached my happy place – mind, body, soul and coins – makes me more than qualified to share my secret prescription.

I want you to feel at home while navigating Selfish Dee, so here’s a brief snapshot of what you can expect to find here.

Note: The Selfish Dee platform takes a holistic approach and infuses the hip-hop culture in everything offered. I do curse from time to time, but you’ll also find a lot of content that are profanity free.

  • The Site – It’s the nucleus. The website helps black women in a very practical way by offering motivation, inspiration, meditations, support, advice, tips, teachings and resources. It’s here to help you understand, guide and ultimately overcome your main objectives (physical or psychological in nature) to effectively conquer your “Self” goals. This is achieved through my personal life experiences and research.
  • Self-Love & Self-Care – Blog posts from stories to studies referencing Self love and care.
    • Stories – Peer to Peer shared life experiences for women by women that uplifts, educate and/or inform readers through a life story. Visit these types of posts: Self-Love    Self-Care 
    • Articles – Standard blog posts about varying Self-love/care topics. Visit these types of posts: Self-Love    Self-Care
    • Lists – Short-form niche blog posts broken down into steps or numbers Ex: Top 5 Reasons To Date Yourself; How To Overcome Depression In 10 Easy Steps. Visit these types of posts: Self-Love    Self-Care 
    • Research – Educational blog posts created by or based on experts, psychologists, psychiatrists, licensed professionals, life coaches and/or a person with a credentialed platform and is trusted to give scientific and a professional opinion/facts on a subject pertaining to Self-love/care. Visit these types of posts: Self-Love    Self-Care
    • Worksheets and Checklists – My FREE coaching material that focuses on your mind, energy and emotions and will help to give you a fresh view into the world of soul searching to further your journey. Do the work here
    • eBooks – Valuable reading material to further your Self goals. Read up here
  • Affirmations – Browse a variety of affirmation subjects presented in various forms – Super-Charged, Trapfirmations, Traditional – offered in written or audio form. Browse affirmations here for audio affirmations visit my YouTube channel here Like, Share and Subscribe too!
  • Meditations – I offer meditations from standard to ASMR to ghettotations. Yes, I made ghettotations a “thing” for those who are not into the traditional forms of meditation. Ghettotations combines traditional meditation with hip-hop.  All meditations are to relax, calm or speak positivity to you. Browse here or on YouTube here
  • Blog – My personal diary that includes everything from my personal Self journey, to beauty tips, review and behind the scenes at events. Keep up with me here
  • Selfish Travel – Explore the healing power of travel. I detail my turnt up travel experiences from a unique healing perspective. I also offer travel advice and resources mainly for women who are solo and budget travelers.
    • Retreats (Coming Soon)Heal – Grow – Love – Turn Up is how a retreat should be. We provide holistic and soul-searching, lavish retreats across the globe that will have your soul doing the Milly Rock back home. You might spot a well-known face amongst the fun as many of the retreats will feature guest speakers/teachers.
  • Selfish Events – Dive into curated experiences that allow women to meet and grow in a safe space. Events include yoga, brunches, workshops,  spa dates, intentional parties and everything in between.
  • University of U (Coming Soon) – One to Six-week courses that help to elevate, motivate and help you reach your “Self” goals.
  • Selfish Talk – Talking ish is our thing! Exclusive Interviews, tips, advice and chats about trendy topics relatable to Self-care/love. Podcast is coming soon. Talk ish here (Coming Soon).
    • MoDEEvation – Motivational messages led by me. You can find these short messages on Instagram: @SelfishDee and YouTube here

Other Platforms

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  • Instagram: Each month we focus on a specific topic that falls under our 8-pillars of Self-Care. Topics range from self-confidence, healing, meditation, money, etc. Join us for an engaging and fun-filled educational and uplifting experience. I will also chronicle a sneak peak of the behind the scenes of my life.
  • YouTube: Our video content, mainly trapfirmations/affirmations, meditations and interviews.
  • Pinterest: I pin about various topics involving Self-Love and Self-Care
  • Facebook Group (Coming Soon) 
  • Twitter (Coming Soon) 

Start your journey now!

Overwhelmed on the endless directions on where to begin? Here’s what I recommend…

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Have fun exploring and remember, this journey is not easy, but shawty, you’re worth it!

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